About Us

At Firm Foundations, we collaborate with you to get outstanding results from your leadership.

Firm Foundations is a woman-owned business based in the Washington D.C. metro area. We work with leaders at all levels of private industry, government, and not-for-profit organizations to achieve the outcomes they want for their organizations.

We believe building a firm foundation is essential to any organization. It is the groundwork on which people rely. A foundation cannot be soft, accidental or reactive. It must be strong, dependable and strategic.

We bring more than 25 years of tested experience and a close, personal relationship to the process of helping you build a firmer foundation to achieve your mission and goals.

Often leaders try to implement organizational change without taking into account individual considerations and limitations. They assume that, with improved processes, individuals will naturally and organically change.

We have found that this is not the case.

We believe the People and Processes of your organization must work together to create optimal performance, and we offer both Leadership Coaching and Strategy Consulting to implement change on both fronts.

If you believe that your organization can achieve more, we want to invest our expertise in your profitable future. CONTACT US TODAY to begin your transformation.

3033 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 761
Arlington, Virginia, 22201


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